What We Offer

Our synagogue is on tbe boarder between Luton and Dunstable, in a pleasant residential area with mixed sized houses. Luton boasts being a super diverse town with an exciting future based on employment derived from an expanding airport and being in the centre of Oxford-Cambridge arc. The town benefits from affordable housing, good rail and road commuting to central London and yet being close to the rural Chilterns. Kosher food is available in local supermarkets and we are close to the full range of Jewish shops in North London.

We are a friendly welcoming community offering a vibrant social programme (see our facebook site). Also, the friendship club meets monthly. We are part of the group of five Hertfordshire and one Bedfordshire communities, knowns as the 5+1. The 5+1 has a intercommunal social programme that matches those provided by large Synagogues, whilst retaining the closeness of smaller communities. The Rabbi provides monthly shiurs for men and women that wish to delve more deeply into Judaism. Similarly, there is a monthly Rosh Chodesh group for ladies led by the Rebbetzin.

Irrespective of your level of observance or knowledge of services, you are made to feel welcome at our services. Anyone wishing to take a leading part in the service is welcome to do so (within the limits of Orthodox Halacha). The Rabbi is willing to help anyone that would like to do this. Of course, you can just sit back and enjoy the services. Please see our services page if you wish to visit Luton United Synagogue.

The Luton United Synaogogue provides important support for the wider community, with visits to schools and visits by school children to the synagogue. We are represented on the Luton Council of Faiths and annually host a public Chanukah Lighting ceremeny, we participate in Holocaust Memorial Day (organised by the Luton Council of Faiths) and in Remembrance Day Services in St George's Square, Luton.

Why Should I become a member?

Membership of Luton United Synagogue offers all these things:

  • An affiliation with the Jewish Community of Luton and surrounding districts, which is ministered by an enthusatic and committed Rabbi
  • Membership of a synaogogue that is a member of United Synagogue family.
  • Information on Services
  • Sevices conducted by an Orthodox Rabbi
  • Membership of an Orthodox Jewish Congregation recognised by the Chief Rabbi's Office
  • The Right of Marriage in an Orthodox Synagogue
  • Activities for Jewish Education
  • Barmitzvah and Bat Chayil for children of members
  • Burial in an Orthodox, United Synagogue Cemetery
  • Provide support for the continued existance of an Orthdox Jewish Community in Bedfordshire, which meets the needs of the Jewish and wider community.

How do I Join the Community as a member?

Background information on the benefits of joining a United Synagogue community (or which Luton is one), is available on Joining Information. You can register your interest on https://www.theus.org.uk/category/join-now. Alternatively, clease contact our administrator by email (office@lutonsynagogue.org.uk) or by phone (020 8343 5851) to discuss what options are available.